How acupuncture treats vertigo

The principle of acupuncture treatment for vertigo is to adjust the body’s balance and function by stimulating specific acupoints, thereby relieving dizziness symptoms. Specifically, acupuncture treatment for dizziness mainly involves the following aspects:

  1. Improving blood circulation: One of the causes of vertigo may be poor blood circulation in the head and neck, leading to insufficient oxygen supply. Acupuncture treatment can promote local blood circulation by stimulating specific acupoints, thus improving the problem of oxygen deficiency.
  2. Adjusting the nervous system: Acupuncture can stimulate specific acupoints in the nervous system, promote the body’s self-regulation ability, and improve the body’s balance and coordination.
  3. Relieving stress: Many people experience dizziness due to excessive emotional stress, leading to inappropriate bodily reactions. Acupuncture can relieve emotional stress by stimulating specific acupoints, thus improving dizziness symptoms.
  4. Regulating the endocrine system: Endocrine disorders are also one of the causes of dizziness symptoms. Acupuncture can promote the balance of the endocrine system by stimulating specific acupoints, thus improving dizziness symptoms.

Overall, acupuncture treatment for vertigo mainly involves stimulating the body’s acupoints to improve blood circulation, adjust the nervous system, relieve stress, regulate the endocrine system, and so on, to improve vertigo symptoms. Acupuncture treatment for dizziness should be conducted under the guidance of a professional doctor to ensure treatment effectiveness and safety.